About us

Choco-Secrets is a trademark of SCHOKOLOGO.

Schokologo creates for almost almost 20 years unique personalised chocolates and individual chocolate figures for promotional purposes and special occasions.
We leave a lasting impression with customers and clients all around the world according to customer's ideas and wishes.

Only best quality, belgian chocolate and susatinable ingredients are being used in production and hereby only certified cocoa is being processes for our products. We support herewith sustainable cocoa cultivation.
You can read more about it at callebaut.com/sustainability.

For packaging we use compostable and sunstainable ingredients in all of our products.

Schokologo is also bio-certified by GfRS "Gesellschaft für Ressourcenschutz mbH" under the number DE-ÖKO-039.

Production is in the middle of the city of Dusseldorf, Germany by enthusiastic passionate chocolate lovers.