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choco secrets

Personalized Chocolate Hearts

Personalized Chocolate Hearts

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Impress your guests with a truly unique and sweet gift to remember you and your wonderful wedding (Min 20 pieces).

Special Day, Special Person, Unique Gift.

Personalize your own molded wedding chocolate hearts!

Make a statement to your valuable guests, Show them how unique you are with a gift truly individual like yourself.

To get your own personalized molded chocolate was never easier:

  • Type your desired names and date . 
  • The names will be 'casted' and moulded into a smooth curved font, embossed on the chocolate hearts 
  • Each chocolate bar is hygienically sealed in a transparent bag.
  • The ingredients and shelf life (6 months for white and 9 months for milk and dark) are printed on the back of this bag.
  • Each chocolate heart is packed in an elegant quality white gift wallet box.
  • The present box is also individually printed with the names and date of the happy couple. .

You and your fiancé(e) can now share one of the most important days in your life to your loved ones, through intricately personalized Belgian chocolates wedding favors. 



Choose a design for your chocolate heart:

  • plain heart with your names and date or
  • heart-within-heart design with another small heart at the bottom 

Choose a size for your personalized heart 

  • Either 5 cm or
  • 7.5 cm

Things to know

  1. Store cool and dry. Protect against heat.
  2. In this chocolate we use a eco-friendly compostable plastic instead of aluminum to wrap the bars.
  3. The dark chocolate is vegan but can still may contain milk particles.

With the purchase of certified cocoa, Schokologo e.K. supports sustainable cocoa cultivation. You can read more about it at

Belgian milk chocolate (33.6% cocoa content)
  • Sugar 47.0%, cocoa butter 28.0%, whole MILK powder 14.0%, cocoa mass 5.5%, whey powder (MILK) 4.5%, emulsifier, SOY lecithin, spices, natural vanilla.
  • May contain traces of NUTS and GLUTEN.
  • Shelf life: approx. 12 Months

Average nutritional values per 100 g:

Energy 2395 kJ / 572 kcal
Fat 37.3 g
- of which saturated fatty acids 23.5 g
Carbohydrates 54.3 g
- of which sugar 53.5 g
- of which polyhydric alcohols 0 g
Protein 4.6 g
Salt 0.11 g

Belgian dark chocolate (55.6 % cocoa content)
  • Sugar 43.5%, cocoa mass 42.5%, cocoa butter 13.5%, emulsifier; SOY lecithin.
  • May contain traces of NUTS and GLUTEN.
  • Shelf life: approx. 24 months.

Average nutritional values per 100 g:

Energy 2263 kJ / 541 kcal
Fat 37.1 g
- of which saturated fatty acids 23.3 g
Carbohydrates 46.4 g
- of which sugar 43.3 g
- of which polyhydric alcohols 0 g
Protein 4.8 g
Salt 0.01 g

Belgian white chocolate

  • Sugar 44.5%, cocoa butter 33.0%, whole MILK powder 22.5%, emulsifier, SOY lecithin, vanillin.
  • May contain traces of NUTS and GLUTEN.
  • Shelf life: approx 6 months.

Average nutritional values per 100 g:

Energy 2446 kJ / 585 kcal
Fat 38.8 g
- of which saturated fatty acids 24.5 g
Carbohydrates 52.8 g
- of which sugar 52.5 g
- of which polyhydric alcohols 0 g
Protein 5.8 g
Salt 0.08 g

Country of manufacture: Germany

Your chocolates hearts will be ready for shipment in 3-5 days after receiving your order or you can tell us a different (later) shipping date when ordering.

We work our hardest to ensure your product gets to you the safest and most convenient way possible! 

The shipping process will vary depending on factors such as day of week, weather, and regional celebrations.

Usually, it takes additionally 2-4 days to arrive, depending on your location!

You will be able to check your order status and track your chocolate hearts


Choco-Secrets is an offering from Schokologo, the specialist for custom made chocolate for almost 20 years.

You can read more about Schokologo here.

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